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Friday, November 6, 2015

7:00-8:00 am Breakfast and Registration

8:00-8:05 am Welcome Kidney Cancer Association – Carolyn Konosky, M.B.A. and Toni K. Choueiri M.D.

Epidemiology and Management of Localized RCC
Moderator: E. Jason Abel, M.D.

8:05-8:15 am Improving Healthcare Delivery in Kidney Cancer – Brian Lane, M.D., Ph.D.

8:15-8:25 am Update on Molecular and Genetic Characterization of RCC – Abraham Hakimi, M.D

8:25-8:45 am Debate: Renal Mass Biopsy Should be Used for Most SRM

8:45-8:55 am Contemporary Management of AML – Stephen A. Boorjian, M.D

8:55-9:15 am Debate: Best Treatment for T1a RCC in Healthy 65 Year Old Patient
Antonio Finelli, M.D., MSc, FRCSC
R. Houston Thompson, M.D.

9:15-9:25 am Oral Abstract Presentations
9:25-9:40 am Break

Locally-Advanced RCC
Moderator: R. Houston Thompson, M.D.

9:40-9:50 am Novel Imaging Techniques in RCC – Mohamad Allaf, M.D.
9:50-10:10 am Debate: Optimal Treatment for cT1b Renal Mass in Patient with Normal GFR
Partial Nephrectomy
Vitaly Margulis, M.D.
Radical NephrectomySteven C. Campbell, M.D., Ph.D.

10:10-10:20 am Minimally Invasive Node Dissection for Locally Advanced RCC
10:20-10:40 am Debate: Does Ischemia Still Matter
10:40-10:50 am Improving Patient Selection for Surgery in RCC with Thrombus E. Jason Abel, M.D.
10:50-11:00 am Management of Local Recurrence After Radical Nephrectomy Sarah Psutka, M.D.
11:00-11:10 am Oral Abstract Presentations
11:10-11:20 am Honoring The Contributions ofDr. David A. Swanson, M. D. to the Kidney Cancer Association
Christopher G. Wood, M.D., FACS
11:20-11:40 am Novick Lecture – Paul Russo, M.D.
11:40-12:30 pm Lunch and Poster Display

Variant Histology RCC and Inherited VHL Disease
Moderator: Nizar M. Tannir, M.D., FACP

12:30-12:40 pm VHL Syndrome and Hemangioblastoma Management
Eric Jonasch, M.D.
12:40-12:50 pm Chromophobe RCC: TCGA and Other Updates
Payal Kapur, M.D.
12:50-1:05 pm Papillary RCC: TCGA and Other Updates
Chad Creighton, Ph.D.
1:05-1:15 pm XP11.2 RCC and Collecting Duct RCC
Gabriel Malouf, M.D.
1:15-1:25 pm RCC with Sarcomatoid Dedifferentiation: New Insights
Jose A. Karam, M.D., FACS
1:25-1:35 pm Clinical Trials in Non-Clear Cell RCC
Andrew Armstrong, M.D., ScM, FACP
1:35-1:45 pm Oral Abstract Presentations
1:45-2:05 pm Break

Bridging Academia and Industry: Opportunities for Clinical and Translational Collaborations
Moderator: Toni K. Choueiri, M.D.

2:05-2:20 pm Optimization of Current Drugs in RCC and Upcoming Pipeline – Ronit Simantov, M.D.
2:20-2:35 pm Translational Opportunities in RCC Research
2:35-2:50 pm Inhibiting mTOR Complex: Biology and Targets
2:50-3:05 pm The Next Generation of Immunotherapy Biomarkers
3:05-3:20 pm Targeting HIF-2: Myth or Reality? John A. Josey, Ph.D.
3:20-3:30 pm Audience Questions
3:30-3:40 pm Break

Novel Immune Checkpoint Blockers
Moderators: Brian I. Rini, M.D. and Sabina Signoretti, M.D.

3:40-4:00 pm The Biology of Checkpoint Inhibition – Gordon Freeman, Ph.D.
4:00-4:15 pm Combination Immunotherapeutic Strategies in RCC: Preclinical Rationale – Charles G. Drake, M.D., Ph.D.
4:15-4:35 pm Initial Therapy for mRCC: High-Dose IL-2 or a Checkpoint Inhibitor Trial?
Pro Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors: Hans Hammers, M.D.
Pro High-Dose IL-2:
Neeraj Agarwal, M.D.
4:35-4:45 pm The Really Important Questions Current
Immunotherapy Trials are Not Answering
David F. McDermott, M.D.
4:45-5:00 pm Oncolytic Viruses – Daniel George, M.D.
5:00-5:15 pm Management of Immune-Related Adverse Events – Michael A. Postow, M.D.
5:15-5:30 pm Oral Abstract Presentations
5:30 pm Adjourn
6:00-8:00 pm Evening Reception at the Hotel

Saturday, November 7, 2015

7:00-8:00 am Breakfast
8:00-8:05 am Welcome – Laura Wood, R.N., MSN, OCN

Approved and Emerging Targeted Therapies in RCC
Moderator: Lauren C. Harshman, M.D., Naomi B. Haas, M.D.

8:05-8:15 am Improving Patient Care Through Health – Outcome Research in RCC – Daniel Heng, M.D.
8:15-8:25 am Emerging Biomarkers of VEGF and mTOR Inhibitors in 2015 – Laurence Albiges, M.D., Ph.D.
8:25-8:35 am Emerging Targeted Therapies in RCC – Thomas E. Hutson, D.O., Pharm.D., FACP
8:35-8:45 am Management of Kidney Cancer in Developing Countries- Andre Fay, M.D.

Special Seminar: KCA role in Young Investigators Careers:
Moderators: W. Kimryn Rathmell, M.D. and Carolyn Konosky, M.B.A

8:50-9:20 am KCA Role in Young Investigators Careers
Thai Ho, M.D.
Brian Lane, M.D., Ph.D.
Eliezer M. Van Allen, M.D.

9:20-9:50 am Shoenfeld Lecture Brian I. Rini, M.D.
9:50-10:20 am Break

RCC: Biology, and Targets
Moderator: James Hsieh, M.D., James Brugarolas, M.D., Ph.D.

10:20-10:35 am Applying Advanced Genomics to Therapy Selection – Sumanta Pal, M.D.
10:35-10:50 am Strategies to Circumvent Mechanisms of Resistance to VEGF TT – John M.L. Ebos, Ph.D.
10:50-11:05 am Epigenetics in RCC
11:05-11:20 am Patient Derived Xenograft Models and Potential Therapeutic Applications – Daniel Lindner, M.D., Ph.D.
11:20-11:35 am Genetically Engineered Mouse Models of RCC – William Y. Kim, M.D.
11:35-11:50 am Carbonic Anhydrase IX: Opportunities for Immune-Based Approaches – Wayne A. Marasco, M.D., Ph.D.
11:50-1:00 pm Lunch

Special Seminar: Statistical Considerations in RCC
Moderator: Walter M. Stadler, M.D., FACP

1:00-1:15 pm Biomarker-Based Studies – Meredith Regan, M.D.
1:15-1:30 pm Considerations in Trials Design
1:30-2:30 pm Interactive Panel with Medical Oncologists and Surgeons (CaseBased)
Moderator: Christopher G. Wood, M.D.,
Panel: Elizabeth R. Plimack, M.D.,
Leonard J. Appleman, M.D.,
Viraj Master, M.D., Ph.D., FACS,
Brian Shuch, M.D.
2:30-3:00 pm Invited Abstracts
Moderators: Joshua M. Lang, M.D.,

Jaime Cajigas, M.D.
3:00-3:10 pm Audience Questions
3:10 pm Adjourn