Surgical Session Panel Discussion

Radical vs. Partial Nephrectomy: Do we need a trial?

Presented by: Karim Bensalah, MD, PhD

Surgical Management of Locally Advanced RCC

Presented by: Arnaud MeJean, MD, PhD

RCC Follow-Up: What, When and Why

Presented by: Saeed Dabestani, MD, PhD

Overview of Ablation Techniques

Presented by: Alessandro Volpe, MD, PhD

Active Surveillance: Indication, Risk and Benefits

Presented by: Maxine Tran, MBBS, PhD, FRCS(UROL)

Cytoreductive Nephrectomy post CARMENA–“I Still Do It”

Presented by: Tim O’Brien, MD

Systemic Therapy Session

Non-Clear Cell Panel Discussion

Keynote Lecture

New Directions and Management of Systemic Therapies

Basic Science Session