Last Updated: March 23, 2022

Personal Protection Protocols

The Kidney Cancer Association’s (KCA) top priority is the safety and security of our attendees, faculty, staff, and operational personnel. As we develop the programming for this meeting, the KCA will be working diligently to implement safety-protocols based on the current guidelines, expert opinions, and local governmental regulations to mitigate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 thus optimizing health and safety conditions for attendees during the event. However, it is still recommended that attendees make the decision that is best for them based on their individual situations. The KCA is providing both in-person and online options to help ensure all interested parties can participate in the program, no matter their physical location.


Many airlines and travel providers have COVID-19 policies; so, it is suggested you contact your airline for specific details.

As of early March 2022, the COVID Safe Ticket is no longer required in Belgium, however, it may still be required in other European countries. Learn more about the COVID Safe Ticket.  It is recommended to check both your local government and Belgium government guidelines for documentation requirements. As of early March 2022, Belgium has COVID-19 testing requirements for travelers based on their country of origin and their vaccination status. Please visit the Belgium government website for more information.

Onsite Safety Measures

  • Masks:
    • Per Belgium public event guidelines, masks are optional and not required. KCA welcomes attendees to wear masks based on their comfort level and will have masks available at the registration desk.
    • Single-use, disposable surgical masks will be available at on-site check-in.
    • You may also bring your own mask that complies with the Belgium COVID-19 guidelines.
  • Social Distancing and Protection:
    • The KCA will follow Belgium COVID-19 guidelines on masks and social distancing and will set up the meeting rooms accordingly to allow for distancing between attendees.
      • As of early March 2022, Belgium does not have any restrictions on the size of public events.
    • The Registration Check-In process is being streamlined to reduce wait time and minimize contact.
    • Hand sanitizer stations will be positioned throughout the meeting space.
    • Venue staff will disinfect all public spaces with increased frequency throughout the day, and replace table linens and disinfect all hard surfaces in the meeting space at the end of each meeting day.
    • Catering staff will follow local guidelines surrounding food and beverage distribution.

Accessibility to COVID Testing

COVID tests are also available to tourists at most pharmacies in Antwerp. The Belgium Government COVID-19 website provides useful information on testing availability, where to find a test, and more. Find a Pharmacy here.

For those needing a COVID-19 test to travel home, the Brussels International Airport also offers COVID-19 testing, in addition to resources provided above.

COVID-19 Vaccination, Quarantine, and Attending the Meeting

The KCA encourages all eligible individuals attending IKCS: Europe to receive a COVID-19 vaccination (and booster if eligible) at least two weeks prior to travel and KCA encourages everyone to review their vaccination status in line with Belgium travel restrictions and procedures. It is also important that attendees do not travel or attend the meeting if they are displaying symptoms of COVID-19. In the event that happens, we can offer a conversion to virtual registration with a refund of the difference between registration fees. While we will do everything we can to mitigate risk of COVID exposure, the KCA will not be held responsible for additional hotel accommodations and expenses required to quarantine in the event an attendee tests positive onsite.

Personal Accountability Commitment

Despite the protocols we have put in place, no precautions can completely eliminate the risk of exposure to COVID-19 or other airborne illness. Attendance at any public event increases the risk of contracting COVID-19 or other airborne illness. Attendees assume all risk associated with attendance. By attending this KCA program, you agree to abide by and engage in certain health- and safety-beneficial conduct while attending the event, including wearing a face covering during meeting sessions and while in public spaces. You also agree to follow any safety, social distancing, masking, and hygiene protocols that have been implemented at the program. Because of the importance of maintaining a safe environment for all attendees, we reserve the right to refuse entry or remove an individual from the event if any such protocols are breached.

Contact Information

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 1-847-332-1051